Kwabena Aning

4 minute read

I had an idea of building a content management system with one of the Scala frameworks a while back and I decided on the Play Framework. In the middle of scoping things out in terms of my requirements, I decided that perhaps I did not want to build “yet another CMS.” My initial idea was to build something like wordpress using Play, but the more I thought about it the more I questioned what exactly I wanted to achieve. And so I decided to build one (in my spare time) that answered…

Kwabena Aning

2 minute read

So after about an hour of research and experimenting, I found out how to make Scala work with MySQL without too much hassle, I found a really helpful guide here. Going down the SBT route, I first created a project and all that, then inside of the build folder I created a Scala class that ensured that when I started building, I would have the right dependencies downloaded and ready.