Kwabena Aning

2 minute read

Last time out I introduced a basic idea for an API, this post will be about the basic architecture of the API framework. I have been listening to and reading on API best practices published by APIGEE. Although there are one or two things about this guide that I think pidgeon-hole me into certain standards, I agree in most part with a lot of what this e book has to say, I recommend you give it a browse at some point.

Kwabena Aning

1 minute read

Having gone round in so many circles I finally found out that when useing Zend Pagination and the current route you are using has more than one dynamic variable i.e

Kwabena Aning

3 minute read

To provide a robust search facility for content you have stored on a MySQL database, you may be thinking of using MySQLs builting full text indexing facility. This comes with the MyISAM storage engine and can be slightly limiting especially if you would like to use foreign keys and such. So queries such has the following: