Kwabena Aning

5 minute read

So up until now I have focused on my most comfortable zone, the back end of this project. This post will shed some light on the front end. Or at least the bit where most users will be directly interfacing with. I have kept this really simple for now - I did not focus on the autheentication part or any customisations (that will come later). For now I have focused on parsing and displaying the feed sections, the channels from which we get the news so your BBCs, Guardians, and so on. And then…

Kwabena Aning

2 minute read

Last time out I introduced a basic idea for an API, this post will be about the basic architecture of the API framework. I have been listening to and reading on API best practices published by APIGEE. Although there are one or two things about this guide that I think pidgeon-hole me into certain standards, I agree in most part with a lot of what this e book has to say, I recommend you give it a browse at some point.